Sterling, VA

Project Details

Northwoods Phase III, LLC

Design Team:
Morgan Gick McBeath & Associates

Project Type:

526,000 SF


Due to our success with the site work and construction services on the second phase of the Northwoods Industrial Park, R.W. Murray Co. was selected to continue development of the third phase, Northwoods Phase III. Sprawling over 60 acres, Northwoods Phase III is comprised of five single-story industrial warehouses which total approximately 526,000 SF. One of the most important elements of this project was the excavation, drilling and blasting, which spanned over a period of 18 months. One area in particular had over 50’ of rock which had to be blasted. As the site is located in an existing business park and adjacent to both residential housing and the Washington Dulles International Airport, the excavation process came with several challenges. Constant vigilance was required of our teams during the blasting process in order to reduce the disturbance to the surrounding operating businesses and neighborhoods. Additionally, the inclement weather of the previous winter, including fierce winds and record-setting rainfall, threatened to impact the excavation schedule but due to proper planning and biweekly progress meetings, the teams remained on target. In the end, approximately 750,000 cubic yards of rock were blasted and crushed, then recycled as structural fill for utilities as well as stone base for the parking lots and building pad subgrades. All five buildings located in Phase III were created using tilt-up style construction with concrete panels. The developer boldly designed each building as a speculative space from the beginning. Over the course of construction, each building was leased and then built out as quickly as it could be delivered. Of the 526,000 SF, only 50,000 SF remains to be leased. Four of the five buildings (Buildings #7,8,9 and 26) are occupied by single users; the fifth building (Building #30) houses several different tenants. Due to our successful completions of both Phase II and III, R.W. Murray has been selected to complete the next phase of development, Northwoods Phase IV.