Dulles, VA

Project Details

Armature Corporation

Design Team:
VA Spaces

Project Type:

8,198 SF


Armature, a software company based out of Sterling, Virginia elected R.W. Murray Co. to complete the renovation of their corporate office in the early summer of 2015.

The near 8,200 square feet renovation design featured an open-office concept with a modern theme. The open design of the desks, offices, and other work spaces encourage creativity in the workplace. There is a light & airy feel all throughout the office, which is aided in part by the pieces of exposed duct work. Additionally, floor-to-ceiling glass windows surround the conference room, allowing for a generous amount of natural light to enter. A modern paint scheme was established, including hues of bright green, turquoise, orange and purple. The kitchen was the highlight of the renovation… in lieu of an ordinary kitchen table or counter, the designers included into their concept a waterfall-edged bar with an inverted trapezoidal design. Overall, a stunning and pristine design!