Eight R.W. Murray employees were recognized for their achievements over the past year and their commitment to the company and its culture and clients this year at the Annual Employee Customer Service Awards.

At the completion of every project, our clients receive a survey in order to evaluate the R.W. Murray Co. team members, the timely completion of the project, and their overall satisfaction.  The client evaluation scores for the Project Managers and Superintendents are averaged and the employees with the highest scores from each department are presented with an award.

In addition, the Support Staff of the Year award is presented to the support staff employee or employees who provide overall support above and beyond their daily job responsibilities and are selected by the votes of fellow R.W. Murray Co. employees.

Our 2017 Award Recipients are as follows:

Project Managers with the Highest Client Satisfaction Scores: Eric Biskaduros, Dave Pierce and Kyle England

Superintendents with the Highest Client Satisfaction Scores: Pete Elliot, Dave Magiera, Roy Ryan and Cameron Sewell

And the Support Staff of the Year Award went to: Megan Norris, Project Accountant

Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Loving, states “We are extremely pleased to be able to recognize these employees who have performed extraordinarily over the past year. Their dedication and commitment to the company did not go unnoticed by our clients, nor by their fellow colleagues. We’re so proud of these eight individuals, along with all of our employees, who continue to exemplify our company motto, which is to ‘Always Do Right’.”