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Each month, we go behind the scenes with one of our amazing employees. For January, we get to know one of R.W. Murray Co.’s executives a little better as we interview CEO, Mr. Chuck Loving!

Charles M. Loving, III, but everyone calls me Chuck

Position at RWM: CEO and Cheerleader

Years at RWM: 2018 will be 23 years, nearly half my life


Favorite Food: Rib Eye Steak and Caesar Salad

Favorite App: Waze if traveling, Pandora when home

Favorite Sports Team: University of Maryland Terps

Favorite Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street

Favorite Author: David Baldacci and John Grisham. I recently attended a lecture with both authors, gaining some great insight into how a novel is written.

Hidden Talents: Juggling and Unicycle riding although not necessarily at the same time

Motto or Personal Montra: “Establish a system you have confidence in and rely on it when you get into tough situations.” – Arnold Palmer; this works equally well in golf, business and in life.

Favorite Vacation Destination Spot: Any place warm. Lately it has been Naples, FL. When the boys were younger we visited nearly every major city in the United States during Spring Break over a 6 year period. There is so much to see in this country.

One item you’d bring to a desert island: Water, at least I might survive long enough to be rescued.

If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? Warren Buffet. He has such a simple yet incredibly intuitive insight into how business works.

What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery? 1962 convertible Corvette, silver or black with red interior, not that I have given it much thought…

Where can you be found on the weekends? On the golf course.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years? The situation is never as good nor as bad as it might seem at any given moment.


What is the best part about working at R.W. Murray Co.? 

The people and the parties. The cool projects we build are icing on the cake.

I chose the construction industry because? 

The business really chose me; I had no intention of being in the construction industry when I was in college.

What is your proudest moment at R.W. Murray Co.? 

Paying off the loans used to buy stock from Bill Fairchild, former owner.

How do you balance your career at R.W. Murray Co. and family? 

I had trouble with this when I was younger; always putting work first. Luckily as my boys got older and got involved with activities I realized how quickly time was passing. My advice to those with younger families is when you make a commitment to be with your kids, be completely involved. Don’t be distracted or on your phone, kids know when you are not paying attention.

If you could switch your job with anyone else within R.W. Murray Co., whose job would you want? 

Lynn Davis. In addition to being a great party planner she always knows what is going on with everyone at RWM. Must be that central location in the office.