"Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest." Mark Twain

"Always Do Right"

Our motto and our mantra, originated with the Mark Twain quote, “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” The adage has always been our core ideology and the key to our past and future success. It is a timeless guiding principle on which you can rely.

Go Above and Beyond

What is your “Wow! Factor?” We are determined to find out! There’s a big difference between meeting your expectations and going above and beyond. When opportunities present themselves we are always prepared to overdeliver. We use a proven set of tools to excel. See more »

Pay it Forward

Commitment of time and resources to our community and industry has always been a part of our company culture. Whether volunteering to serve on a committee or sponsoring an event, we are passionate about contributing to improvement and enrichment in the communities where we live and work. See more »

Appreciate Your Partners

We are privileged to team and collaborate with the industry’s finest experts, including award-winning architects, engineers and consultants, with relationships spanning 20+ years. Our talented subcontractors (many are award-winners as well) are selected to represent our best practices in safety, quality, reliability and value. Our Subcontractor of the Month is... See more »

Enjoy Yourself

Within the Company environment team members can achieve their personal and professional goals in life. This setting nurtures a company culture that embodies well-being and happiness. We practice a continuous “team building lifestyle” which strengthens internal relationships, enhances quality of life in the workplace, promotes healthy lifestyles and ultimately encourages peak performance. See more »

Ideology Ideology

About Us

R.W. Murray Co. is a privately-held commercial general contractor in Manassas, VA whose foundation is built on safety, quality, excellence and ethics. We offer pre-construction, design-build and general contracting services to suit your project needs whether large or small, including base building, renovation and interior build-out. We sincerely value and appreciate our trusted partnerships with commercial developers, building owners, government contractors, business owners and their representatives. Our portfolio is a reflection of their success and includes commercial, industrial, health care, educational, retail, technological, fitness and recreational facilities across the Greater Washington Metro Area.



Our roots go back to 1959 with the original office opening in St. Louis, Missouri. Regional offices were established throughout the U.S. and in 1987 our office was opened to serve the Greater Washington Metro Area. In 1992 we became independently owned and operated and have provided dedicated and value-driven construction services to clients like you ever since. The current owners joined the team shortly after the office's 1987 opening and purchased the company from its original owner under a succession plan at the end of 2009.