Our Employees Select Charities for Annual Year End Contributions

Our Employees Select Charities for Annual Year End Contributions
Each year, in order to celebrate Giving Tuesday, we ask our employees to select a charity or organization that is near and dear to their heart...

We then make a $50 donation in their name and in memory or in honor of someone who is special to them. This year, our employees selected over 20 different charities to receive donations. Some of these amazing organizations include: 

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What Our Partners Are Saying

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate R. W. Murray on their exemplary effort on our project. Jonathan was outstanding in his leadership and total grasp of the project. From the beginning, he encouraged our participation and made it clear, our satisfaction was the ultimate goal, to not only him, but to the entire R. W.Murray team. His unfailing professionalism, knowledge and effort to bring a whole team of specialized technical consultants, subcontractors, our staff, and PW county government staff together was invaluable. Any client who has Jonathan leading their project will be in the very best hands. Dennis was pivotal in the achievement of opening on time. Dennis exemplifies the kind of person you want, when you need things done and the right way. He never said that something couldn't be done. It has been a challenging project and we are very glad that we partnered with R. W. Murray to achieve our dream. Patricia Hutzler, The Prince William Ice Center