Oyster Roast & Bourbon Toast Client AppreciationĀ Event

Oyster Roast & Bourbon Toast Client AppreciationĀ Event
800 oysters gone in 3 hours!

It was an event to remember, our first Oyster Roast and Bourbon Toast client appreciation event held at our office on October 28th. The final 70+ degree day of the year, it was a beautiful fall evening under the large tent that was constructed in our parking lot. 

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What Our Partners Are Saying

R.W. Murray provided outstanding support for this multi-year and multi-phase project at a facility that could not cease operations. Dave Pierce and Tim Moulthrop provided excellent advice and proposed solutions for complex problems. Overall, I am very pleased that R.W. Murray was selected to execute this work, and would recommend them for similar projects based upon my experience with them. S. Aaron Duncan, Team Business Integra/CACI