Behind the Team - Monthly Employee Spotlight - March 2016

Each month, we’ll go behind the scenes to learn more about one of our amazing employees here at R.W. Murray Co. For March, we get to know Alex Devlin, Superintendent, a little better.
Behind the Team - Monthly Employee Spotlight - March 2016

Alex Devlin

Position: Superintendent

Years at RWM: 2
(plus several years of interning)


Favorite food: Anything with eggs! 
Favorite app: Uber
Favorite sports team: Washington Capitals
Favorite movie: Saving Private Ryan
Favorite author: J.K. Rowling
Motto or personal mantra: Yesterday you said tomorrow. -Nike 
If I could meet anyone in the world dead or alive it would it be: Cal Ripkin Jr.
The first thing I would buy if I won the lottery: a bigger boat 
The most important thing I have learned in the last five years: Time management


What is the best part about working at R.W. Murray Co.?
The team atmosphere.

I chose the construction industry because?
I like how every day is different and poses new challenges. Most people cannot handle the complexity and the fast paced nature of the industry. 

What is your proudest moment at R.W. Murray Co.?
Being asked to join the team full time after interning for a few years. 

How do you balance your career at R.W. Murray Co. and family? 
By continuing to both coach and play lacrosse and go fishing any chance I get.

If you could switch your job with anyone else within R.W. Murray Co., whose job would you want? 
Dennis, but after some of the stories I've heard, I don't know if I could handle it!